Our net worth is up 471K from last year and up 265K just from the start of this year. We saved about 250K in a year and about 54K this year to date. Many of my purchases from 2008 and 2009 are over a 100% return. It doesn’t matter if you invested $10 or $1,000, if you are out of debt, keep investing in the market. You never know when the market will take off and if you are on the sidelines, you will never know when to get back in. I have done this with low cost index funds and low cost EFTs. I don’t agree with DRs stand on ETFs. They are cheaper to own than mutual funds and you can abuse anything. I buy and hold just like DR says, except I don’t do it with mutual funds, but ETFs. I am able to buy in the middle of the day on big drops in the market. It is a relatively simple allocation of funds.