Month: December 2016

ETFs won’t have better returns than mutual funds if you buy the exact same thing

An S&P mutual fund will be almost the same as an S&P ETF. Look at your funds and make sure you aren’t overlapping holdings. If you have an S&P 500 and a Large cap fund, you are basically holding the same stocks. your person should be able to look at your asset allocations and let you know if you are overlapping. There will be some, but you don’t want too much.

Thanks for the information

I’ll share it with dh. We have all our mutual funds in one “house”. However they are spread among about 12 different mutual funds. I was just sharing w/dh that some of our funds are not earning what I’d like them to earn. Whether we switch to ETFs or not, we still need to sit down and look over our accounts so we can earn the most off what we have invested. We are fortunate the broker we use is DR friendly … believes in getting and staying debt free, FFEF, etc.