Month: February 2017

I’m a little late responding, but got paid for the extra shift I worked last month

Worked a little extra at the 40 hr job. Working another extra shift in Aug. They are hard to come by since everyone is looking for more work.
I was able to add another $100 to the snowball.

Car: 1750
(May pay off at the end of the month, working on selling stuff.)
Student Loan 1: 5300
Student Loan 2: 17300 (Consolidated for lower rate.)

Yay for a little progress.

Cindy in Utah

p.s. Just burnt dinner, but eating it anyway.

He’s gorgeous

Sorry about your mom, but I know she’ll be a huge asset to you. Good news on school wrapping up for your husband. I’m sure you’ve already figured this out, but don’t you dare worry about what your house looks like or whether or not you’ve gotten dressed for the day. Enjoy this time and just grab some sleep whenever you can. Life is pretty good for you right now, so don’t worry about anything but this wonderful, new addition to your (and our!) family, and take care of yourself too. Sending you a big, congratulatory hug!