Month: August 2017

We switched banks a few years ago when Chase bought out Washington Mutual

We had to order new checks then. I bought two boxes for really cheap though an online company (printing place, not through a bank or credit union). I think I paid $8 for both boxes. I have only used about 40 checks in about 4 years. I rarely write checks (obviously). I used my credit unions online bill pay or the company’s websites to pay all my bills. The checks I usually do write are for the kids’ school stuff….pictures, supply fees, book fairs, etc…

I don’t know how many checks you write, Sharon, but you can print them at home. About 10 years or more ago I did that. We have a credit union account that isn’t close to us and rarely use. But once in a while we need to write a check off that account. I found a check printing software and 1000 papers to print the checks on for $5 at Office Depot and picked it up. It’s been great to use, I just print one off as need be.

I am down to my last book of checks…

and I hate to order any more. Or maybe I hate to order the quantity required. Am I the only one who feels this way?

How often do you write checks?

I don’t even write business checks any more, those I produce on my computer anyway.

Have any of you gone completely without checks?