She is their stake emergency preparedness specialist and also her ward’s Relief Society presidency. She confirmed that they had attended training on this issue, and for her area, they would no longer be doing dry pack canning on site, but would be able to order bulk items, check out a sealer, obtain cans and materials etc. I spoke with a person in the Houston Texas area, whose cannery provides all of the Church storehouses with peanut butter. Their facility already went “FDA/USDA” compliant, so their facility is not affected.

Since the LDS Church did not comment on the FDA/USDA aspect of the blogpost, I’m not going to either. But I can’t help but be reminded of the biblical parable of the talents. Three servants receiving 10, 5 and 1 talent respectively. Two of them multiplied their talents. One of them did nothing, and had it taken away from him when the Lord came to check.

I wonder if the Almighty is “checking” on our Preparedness Talents? I know in our ward and stake for whatever reasons, we do not utilize the cannery as much as we could, either through the bulk buying program, or on our own. Do we, like the servant with 1 talent, stand in jeopardy of our “one” being taken away from us due to our unwillingness to expand the blessings the Lord has given us?