Most folks on the list will recall that my relationship with my folks is strained at times, and that pains us all greatly. We have been, and still would like to be, a very close family. My brother took steps late last year to start closing that gap, which was a wonderful first step. And my parents have been working really hard on not telling us kids how to live our lives, which has been vastly appreciated. My parents have also both had some health issues the last year or two which have legitimately made travel harder for them. When I was called out of town for the sudden funeral a month ago, it reminded me that we all do reach a point where we don’t get any tomorrows or any second chances. I had already been thinking that I wanted to find a way to go visit Mom for Mother’s Day, as a surprise. And that funeral cemented for me that I really wanted a chance to go for a visit. And stay for more than 18 hours, without a funeral in the schedule.
Well, with our unexpected escrow refund, and my DH newly practiced at tending the farm, we decided to go for it. I bought tix just this morning for me to fly down and see my folks over the Mother’s Day weekend. DH has agreed to stay here and watch things, which makes the trip possible. Everyone is so excited, including me. I shopped and searched for good airfare, and we were able to buy round trip tix for just shy of $400, which gives us over $800 left of that refund (prev $1K from Not sure where it’ll go. But we’re pretty pleased with how we’ve spent it so far. Sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do for family, and this feels pretty darn good.

Kathy, I hope you’re able to really enjoy your trip to help your DD celebrate her graduation. Don’t you DARE feel guilty either. I won’t.