Check the budget daily to make sure we are working on it properly. We came in under budget on several line items the last pay period, but are already over budget on groceries for this one. We needed basics like meat this time, despite my fixing more and more meatless meals. I don’t feel too bad about going over budget this two week period on groceries because in the last 3 pay periods we’ve been under budget over $100 each pay period, so the $50 we are over this time (so far, will need milk next week) is not all that bad.
I got two unplanned on checks that will be going toward our debt one was only $10 for a book sale, but the other was $556 on a royalty check. That one was a MAJOR surprise, those checks usually are around the $100 mark at max and they are very sporadic at that. It had been over 2 months since we’d had one and so this one surprised us royally. Part of it went to get some minor repair on the truck done, part on the debt snowball, and the remainder into savings for Joseph—he’s sneaky and it seems anytime we have such a Millie Moment he shows up right after I apply the money to the snowball or something similar. So the bulk of it this time is going into Joseph repellant!
Then of course there was the news of the $2 an hour pay raise and promotion for dh that finally came through on Monday. If the guys understood their supervisor right the new rate started this last Saturday and will be on the next check. That’s a good thing.
This last week they also did open enrollment on the benefit package at work and of course they changed a lot of stuff around, which resulted in eating part of that pay raise if you didn’t mind your p’s and q’s while signing up for them. A prime example was the term life insurance, which I will post about on another post—it’s something everyone needs to be aware of if they are nearing age 65. Dh caught it at the last minute so they took the much higher rate out of this pay check, but will be reimbursing him for it next pay period, which of course did a small hit on the budget as well. Like I said another post.
Sunday started with a bit of a start around here and it made us aware of some things we needed to change security wise.
We were all just getting up and about when I noticed Sir Oliver Inkwell, our youngest cat, running back and forth on the windowsill like he was watching something. As I asked him what he saw I realized the girls were barking their “intruder” alert outside near the garden, and before I could say another word there were what sounded like to loud rifle shots almost simultaneously right at the garden!.. The girls went silent.
As I struggled to finish getting dressed quickly dh bolted for the door and was met on the porch by ds. How does that kid get down those stairs so fast? Each was prepared for trouble. Dh told our son to check the sunroom for the girls then join him. I was told to “stay here”.
Ds ran to the sunroom and hollered back the girls were in the sunroom—Praise the Lord—but both wouldn’t let him near them. I quickly pulled on shoes and rushed out to my babies while the guys went toward where the “shots” had came from. As soon as the 45 pound Jolie saw me she rushed toward me wanting “Mama”. Before I could even sit down on the step she was trying to crawl into the safety of my lap. She knocked me into the storm door and well I now have a mending job to do on one of my best pair of sweat pants.
As soon as I disentangled myself from the storm door and set down the dog crawled in my lap, shaking in terror, her heart racing. As I stroked her fur and talked to her I also tried to coax Georgia out of the corner where she was hiding. After a while the 50 pound Georgie was also leaning against my leg seeking comfort.
I talked to them softly as I felt them all over for wounds. That God there were none. Both were definitely terrified though. They wouldn’t even take their jerky treats. All they wanted was to be in my lap. I was safety to them because I’m the one that fixes all boo-boo paws around here. Slowly the girls calmed down as my mind raced wondering what was going on outside. Finally ds came to the sunroom to get a report on the girls’ condition and to fill me in. He said dh was still walking around to make certain of what they were pretty sure had happened.
They found no signs of an intruder, no foot prints in the soft soil, no rifle casings, nothing. What they did find, was a HUGE limb that had fallen out of the top of one of the trees and taken a second large limb with it as it fell. What they figure happened was the girls were chasing a squirrel, possum, raccoon, something of that sort and the fat thing ran up the wrong branch which snapped and fell taking a second branch with it. Thus the two popping sounds. Dh thinks that one or both of the branches may have nearly landed on one or both the girls and that is what scared them.
We were lucky this time, but what if it had been someone armed, with trouble on their mind? I had been left unprotected in the house with two dogs that were totally terrified. I no longer have Drifter Moon who would have died before anyone did me any harm. I had no weapon, all I had was the escape plan I formulated a long time ago and even that would have been hindered by the nearly 100 pounds of dogs on my lap and around my legs.
We fixed the protection problem immediately, I will not be unprotected if such a situation should arise in the future. As for the girls being so frightened, we have plans to work on training them to not be afraid of loud noises. We may also be looking more into a large guard dog, but then if it had been a shooter…
Ds has already been working on taking all the dead trees down but plans on working faster at it now, because what if that branch had hit one of the girls?