He’s been so upset that we never get to go “anywhere fun” on vacation. So we decided that if we “found” money by squeezing down the monthly budget further we could go to Hawaii next year over spring break and still reach our goals for Baby Step 3. I’ve got enough airline miles for our plane tickets, so we just have to save for hotel, food and fun stuff.
This weekend we’ve been searching the house for things to sell through ebay and Craigslist. I talked to the neighbors and we are going to have a big garage sale Memorial Day weekend. All of the proceeds will go to the Hawaii fund.
I listed a few things on Craigslist yesterday just to get a bit of a start. One of the things being a decorative wall mirror that a friend was going to take to Goodwill a few years ago.
Within a couple of hours someone local responded to the ad and wanted to buy it. When I went to meet the person who responded to my ad it turned to the be the friend who gave it to me in the first place! What are the chances?
The good news is that she’s giving me a box of stuff to sell at the garage sale rather than taking it to Goodwill. My aunt just sold her house and she’s giving me a bunch of stuff to sell as well. Some other family members are chipping in too.