We went to the University of Texas and the big OU vs. UT game is held in Dallas every year. The boy asked me to go to the game with him and we stopped enroute to his hometown so the boy could introduce me to his grandparents. Here I am, Little Miss Ft. Lauderdale. Long blonde hair, mini skirt, suntan. Not the typical Texas girl in her Mexican wedding dress with the perfect makeup and hairspray in my hair. The grandparents were not impressed. They asked my last name. I told them. They asked me what type of name was it? I told them it was German. They then asked me what my religion was. I told them I was Catholic. There was nothing but silence. One of the grandparents then looked at me and said, “Well, we’ve met some Negroes and some Jews and I guess now we’ve met a Catholic too.”

Um.. the boy and I broke up when we got back to school from the game.