I paid off debt in January rather than buy train tix since I thought I had time to purchase. Then when DH lost job, I couldn’t see my way to spending $1k on travelling to her graduation so we purchased a single ticket for DH only.

We are housesitting a friend’s animals (same person who we house-sat for back when our place was getting termited.) She’s going to be gone for a month in Europe…animals (not cat, just dogs) are at our place til she gets back.

I planned on doing it “just cuz.” She, knowing our situation, gave us $500 for taking care of them.

I struggled with what to do with that $500 for days. (It’s probably the only drawback to doing CC and being unemployed.) Do I save it for June when I’ll likely really need it to pay bills, or do I use it to send the rest of the family to DD22’s college graduation and AirForce commissioning?

I decided to spend it on DD22 graduation. We’re only going “for the day” (versus DH who is going for the whole weekend), and I managed to get tix down to $345 for the 4 of us (versus $138 just for DH), so I feel better about it $ wise.

We travel overnight (both ways) on the train, and the “little kids” (the 3 at home) have never done that before, so that should be an adventure. Luckily I know the area in Flagstaff, and the train station isn’t too far from where we need to rendevous, so we will likely just walk there and not need to spend money on transportation.